The summer is here and school is out, now it’s time for summer camp, hiking, and family adventures! It can be hard to find healthy meal options that are easy to make and able to take on the go. In this article, we give you ten healthy summer meals for your kids that they can make with you and take on any summer activities you have in store!

1.Rainbow Veggie Kebabs
As parents, you are always encouraging your children to eat the rainbow, and with these rainbow veggie kebabs, it just became a lot easier! You can even have your little ones help make these fun edible, healthy rainbows. These kebabs are a perfect afternoon snack or side to dinner. Take them on picnics or serve them up at your next backyard barbeque. Your children will love this exciting alternative to the average plate of veggies.

2. Berry Yogurt Breakfast Pops
Berry yogurt breakfast pops are a fun alternative to a boring bowl of yogurt. You can let your children customize their own breakfast pops with a variety of berries and optional granola. When the weather gets hot and you need healthy food to cool down, these can also be the perfect afternoon snack. These berry yogurt breakfast pops are a fun kid-approved treat!

3. French Bread Pizzas
Mix up your pizza routine with a healthy French bread pizza to help satisfy your little one’s pizza cravings. This healthy alternative is simple and easy to make. Try using whole-wheat French bread, low-fat mozzarella cheese, and a low-sodium marinara sauce to make this recipe even more healthful. Then have your children help create their pizza by picking out their choice of fun toppings. This way, they can have an exciting activity to occupy themselves with, and you get a small break from the cooking.

4. Southwest Quinoa Salad
If your children have not tried quinoa yet, then this is your opportunity to introduce it to them. This Southwest Quinoa Salad is a nutritious and delicious snack or dinner choice. This super grain is one you’ll want to keep on the menu as it’s packed with protein, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals. Add in black beans, bell peppers, avocado, or corn; this recipe is easily customized to fit your child’s food preferences and is simple to make.

5. Veggie Pinwheels
This simple veggie pinwheel recipe will be on repeat this summer. Choose your favorite tortillas, cream cheese or hummus, and various veggies to create a nutritious lunch or snack option. This recipe is also perfect for your children to join you in making because there are many customizable options to fit their preferences. In addition, you can make this healthy summer meal ahead to take on hikes, picnics, or serve as an appetizer. These kid-approved veggie pinwheels will be a hit anywhere you go!

6. Chicken Tender Lunch Wraps
Take your child’s favorite chicken tenders to the next level with these chicken tender lunch wraps. Grab a tortilla, chicken tenders, lettuce, Monterey jack cheese, avocado, and tomato, plus a tasty dipping sauce such as ranch for a delicious summer lunch. This recipe is easy to customize and very simple to make. Your little ones will be asking for seconds with this delicious summer meal!

7. Smoothie Bowls
Smoothie bowls are the ultimate choice for healthy summer meals such as breakfast or snacks. Add endless combinations of fruits and even vegetables to the blender, and your child will never get tired of this delicious choice. Use fresh or frozen fruits, add in your favorite milk or juice, and add some protein powder or nut butter for a protein boost. Top with your child’s favorite fruits, granola, or coconut shreds.

8. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas
Mix up your classic quesadilla by adding sweet potatoes and black beans for an added boost of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes are a natural source of beta-carotene and vitamin A, which are essential for supporting your immune system and gut health. Try it with guacamole or mild salsa as dips; this will help encourage your child to try this new version of their favorite lunch option.

9. Hawaiian Roll Sliders
Hawaiian roll sliders are an easy and delicious meal idea for the summer. Make them ahead of time and keep them in the freezer for easy weeknight meals when you do not feel like cooking. These are also the perfect picnic food or party platter food for your next gathering. Grab some ham, cheese, and Hawaiian rolls, and you are ready to enjoy the perfect summer meal.

10. Teriyaki Chicken Skewers
Teriyaki chicken skewers are the perfect appetizer or main dish for your summer barbeque. They are the perfect combination of tender chicken, crunchy peppers, and sweet and savory teriyaki sauce. You can even ask your kids to help make these delicious chicken skewers with a combination of sweet peppers, and even add some onions to add color and flavor. At your next backyard party, your children will love this simple and nutritious meal.