What is the best part of being a mom and how has your life changed since you’ve had Lennox?

Honestly, motherhood is more extraordinary than I ever could have imagined. Watching Lennox grow daily has been magical. So rewarding. He’s loving and kind and such a smart kid! The fact that we have conversations blows my mind. Lennox has enriched my life in more ways than I ever could have dreamed of. So incredibly grateful to be part of the motherhood club.

Amy Davidson

How important is wellness to you and your family?

I would have to say Wellness is number one on the importance scale for me. We eat healthy and organic, I cook most of our meals versus eating out and making sure our bodies have the nutrients we need is my top priority. That’s obviously challenging with little kids and one of the reasons I am so grateful for Childlife Vitamins! 🙌🏻 Lennox asks for his vitamins! He LOVES them!

What is your favorite ChildLife Essentials product and why?

As it starts to get cooler in California, I am loving the Elderberry Super-Immune SoftMelts for Lennox. Right now I have Lennox taking the Multi Vitamin and Elderberry Super-Immune SoftMelts daily for a healthy winter season. Actually, he takes them daily no matter what season it is! LOL!