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As a single mom how do you find time for yourself and what do you do you keep healthy?

It’s very hard. I plan workouts in the schedule and do my best to stick to that plan. I know it’s one of the most important things I can do to be a happy, healthy mommy for Hayden. If I can’t get a full workout in, I try to get my 10K steps!

Do you make taking vitamins apart of your morning routine for you and Hayden?

YES! After breakfast, he brings me his plate and I give him his vitamins. Both are part of his responsibility chart he loves doing everyday. (We use liquid Vitamin C from Childlife, multi-vitamin soft melt in mornings).

What are 3 things you and Hayden do for fun together that creates memories?

Awww I love this question! I just put up a post on Instagram about this. He loves decorating for holidays, so that is a big deal in our house. We have meals on our balcony together, and we take mini day trips together that we call our adventures.

Where do you see yourself and Hayden in 5 years?

Oh, I have big, big goals… but will simply say happy and healthy.