In this day and age, all parents can benefit from the following knowledge, understanding and insights to help ensure the health, wealth and full development of your child’s life.

No generation of children in history have ever faced or were exposed to so many environmental stressors, obstacles, toxins or hazardous materials from both the environment, speed of life, and the typical dietary foods of today. The mind, body and immune system that is developed and grown in childhood, becomes, and will be the foundation, the springboard, for everything that follows in each child’s life. Shaping, creating and influencing every aspect, potential and outcome that will be experienced throughout their life.

The success, mediocrity or failures that each of us experience in life is sown in the seeds of our childhood. The full responsibility of this time and part of life, childhood, should be and is placed directly and firmly on you, the parent, the conceiver and caretaker.

Diet, nutrition, environmental pollutants from this century’s industrial pursuits, such as metals, (lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.), chemicals, plastics, pesticides, artificial food additives, etc. entering into the food, air, and water, are all affecting and shaping each child’s mind, body and immune system, whether we care to acknowledge, or understand, or intervene, or not. Today’s over-stimulatory society, with overwhelming levels of childhood exposure to TV, video games, electronics, sights, sounds and perceptions are all affecting and influencing your child’s nervous system, brain development and function.

What forces are shaping and impacting the health of your child today?

What is the role that diet and nutritional supplementation is responsible for, in helping to maintain and improve your child’s health?

Diet, food, supplementing with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, detoxification, essential fatty acids … these may all provide beneficial qualities to the physical, emotional and mental health of your child.

In this post, we will take a look at the ingredients, function and purpose of some ChildLife® products to better understand the place that nutritional supplementation can have in supporting your child’s health and development.

Multi Vitamin & Mineral

“Eat Right and Take a Multivitamin.” This was the title and advice reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, from a 1998 study examining the influences that food and vitamin supplements hold in determining our state of health and vitality. This is particularly sage advice for children who require these vitamins and minerals, the very building blocks of life, for their health, but also for their full growth and development.


A well-formulated MultiVitamin/Mineral supplement is the basis and starting point for any nutritional supplementation program. The essential vitamins and minerals provide:

  • the raw materials, building blocks for childhood growth and development
  • anti-oxidants for environmental protection and detoxification
  • anti-oxidants for immune support
  • nutrients for supporting proper brain function and growth
  • catalysts and co-factors for energy production and metabolism.

Studies continue to show that typical children even with a relatively healthy diet, are able to improve reading speed, learning capacity, and mathematical skills, by daily supplementation with a good MultiVitamin/Mineral. (Wang,Y. Effect of micronutrient supplementation on health status of children. Wei Sheng Yan Jiu, 2003, Sep, 32(5), 455-8). Daily supplementation was also shown to be beneficial in promoting growth and increasing immune strength in school children. (Sarma, K., Effect of micronutrient supplementation on health status of schoolchildren. J. Nutrition, 2006, Jan., 22, 8-14).

Eat Right and Take a MultiVitamin. This is good advice for us all, but particularly pertinent to children.

Provide your child with a healthy diet consisting of organic fruits and vegetables, organic poultry, organic meats and wild caught fish (avoid farmed fish). Avoid added chemical flavorings and chemical colorings. Reduce sugars, avoid or severely restrict any fast-foods. Offer your child the foods that suit their own individual blood type best. Then supplement with the ChildLife Essentials® Multi Vitamin & Mineral formula. The vitamins and minerals establish a stable nutritional platform for your child to stand on. From this foundation, their growth, development and immune strength may continue to progress to their full potential.

Essential Fatty Acids and Cod Liver Oil

Along with a daily Multi Vitamin/Mineral, all parents should consider daily supplementation with the essential Omega 3 fatty acids. These are found in vegetable sources like flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and olive oil, or from the sea in the form of cod liver oil.

The Omega-3 oils provide the primary nutrients for supporting and enhancing brain function and growth. In addition, the essential nutrients found in Omega-3 oils are also involved in regulating many aspects of the immune system. (Spector, S. “Diet and Asthma, has the role of dietary lipids been overlooked in the management of asthma?” Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol, 2003, Apr 90(4), 371-7.)

With all the current research and studies showing how and why the Omega-3 oils are so important for so many functions within a growing child’s brain and immune system, it is no mystery now why so many cultures and countries have a long and rich history of parents giving their children cod liver oil.

The choice between giving your child the vegetable-based ChildLife® Essential Fatty Acids formula or ChildLife® Cod Liver Oil is a personal one, with some advantages leaning towards the Cod Liver Oil. One of the primary nutrients derived from these oils is DHA, docosahexaenoic acid.

The difference between these two products is that your child’s body needs to take the vegetable-based Omega-3 oil and convert, or make, a percentage of that into DHA. Whereas in cod liver oil, the DHA is already present and ready for use. Cod liver oil contains the highest naturally occurring amount of DHA from any food source along with Vitamin A, which combine to provide the two primary nutrients for both brain and eye development.


DHA is the most prevalent nutrient found and used within the brain for assisting growth, focus, learning and memory. (Helland, I. “Supplementation with Omega 3 fatty acids augments children’s IQ at 4 years of age.” J Pediatrics, 2003, Jan. 111(1),39-44.)

Other considerations when choosing to use cod liver oil is the absolute freshness and purity of the oil. At ChildLife® we always use the highest grade of cod liver oil available with third party testing to confirm that our oils are purified and free from any detectable mercury, lead, dioxins or PCB’s. The Omega-3 fatty acids from ChildLife® Cod Liver Oil or the vegetarian ChildLife® Essential Fatty Acids formula are recommended to be given on a daily basis along with the ChildLife Essentials® Multi Vitamin & Mineral.

Pure DHA

As noted above, DHA is the primary nutrient involved in brain function and growth. Sixty percent of the brain grows from, develops from and is comprised of fats and oils. (Schmidt M. “Smart Fats, How dietary fats affect mental, physical and emotional intelligence.” N Atlantic Books 97). Fifty percent of these fats is the one fatty acid DHA.


This makes DHA the most prevalent nutrient in the brain and therefore the most important. The highest concentrations of DHA in the brain are found right in the middle, in the central part of each individual brain cell, where it is used to provide insulation and facilitate the smooth flow of electrical impulses which are carrying and delivering information between the 100 billion brain cells inside our heads.

This specific function of helping brain cells deliver information smoothly, effectively and without interruption is why DHA has been noted to be helpful in supporting and enhancing focus, learning, memory and mood. Our ChildLife® Pure DHA is derived from Cod Liver Oil, again from the highest quality oil which is purified then tested to be free of any detectable amounts of mercury, lead, dioxins or PCB’s.

In the soft-gel chewable form, we have found that this provides an alternative to the liquid Cod Liver Oil for infants and children to receive this all important nutrient. Some children prefer the taste and texture of the flavored, chewable capsules to the flavored liquid Cod Liver Oil. You do not need to give a child both products. Just see which one they prefer.

Supplementation with Pure DHA or Cod Liver Oil is recommended when your infant begins to eat solid foods.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the number one superstar of all the essential vitamins. Since Linus Pauling (two time Nobel laureate) began researching, understanding and recommending Vitamin C in the 1950’s, this vitamin continues to demonstrate why it is so important for maintaining and promoting good health and immune vitality.


As the primary anti-oxidant vitamin, Vitamin C has become increasingly important as the amount of environmental toxicity and pollution that we are all exposed to continues to increase throughout the world. Every and any child growing up in or near a city in today’s world will inevitably be exposed to higher amounts of pollutants and external toxicity, than any previous generation.

In one of the most recent studies to document the extraordinary exposure and accumulation of pollutants and toxins in children today, the umbilical chord blood of babies from around the United States was tested for toxins at t