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Here are 10 top health and wellbeing brands that will ensure you look and feel your best this fall

No one can deny that it’s been a long and stressful few months, which means it is more important than ever to take time out to care for our health and wellbeing.

For some of us this will mean indulging in self-care beauty rituals, others may want to get active, and many people will find themselves thinking more about how they can help the environment.

Whatever route you take to promote your wellbeing, we’ve rounded up ten products that will help you stay fit, strong and healthy as we head into fall.

Shield yourself – without sacrificing comfort

Face shields have long been used in healthcare settings, but now we are increasingly seeing them worn in places such as restaurants, stores and schools as people seek to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Although the CDC does not recommend a face shield as a substitute for face masks, they can be worn in addition for protection, particularly for the eyes.

But wearing a shield can get uncomfortable, especially if it’s sitting on your face for extended periods of time, so it’s a good idea to pick one that’s well-fitting and high-quality.

The Casco face shield’s headband component and strap are not only hypoallergenic and made from medical-grade materials, but they are engineered from flexible polypropylene and silicone for superior comfort.

It also features a soft, stretchy, silicone strap that fits a variety of head sizes comfortably and, like all products from SiliconeGear, it is made in the USA.

Even better, the headband and strap components of this full face shield are bleach, sanitization, and dishwasher-safe so you can re-use them.

The face shields are sold factory direct and the cost is very reasonable, with a two-pack costing just $22.99. The product is also sold in small bulk amounts, which is ideal for small businesses and schools.

The manufacturer has not tested the Casco Shield per ASTM standards and does not guarantee protection from any airborne contaminants including coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Give collagen a natural boost

If you’re feeling a little run down, you might want to consider giving your body a natural boost by adding a silica supplement to