From picky eaters to time-pressed parents, ensuring children get all the goodness they need to thrive can be a challenge. Here, the latest offerings that can help!

By Maggie Jaqua – July 18, 2019: Originally posted on WholeFoods Magazine.

Moms’ top 3 wish list for kids: A strong immune system, a healthy diet, quality sleep. That was the finding of the DSM Global Kids Usage and Attitude Study, which surveyed more than 7,400 mothers of children ages 4 to 12 to determine parents’ top health interests for their little ones (1). As the study revealed, many moms are dealing with picky eaters, and trying to complement their kids’ meals with fortified food and beverages or opting for supplements to boost nutrients missing from the diet. Globally, says John Quilter, VP/GM of ProActive Health—Kerry, 83% of consumers say their product choice is always influenced by how it will affect their child’s health (2).

Making the healthy choice isn’t always easy, though. “For a lot of parents,” says Ari Raz, co-founder and president of Once Upon a Farm, “understanding which natural food products actually provide good nutrition to their kids can be a daunting task…I’m sure a lot of parents prioritize giving their kids food they will actually eat over anything else.”

No doubt about it: “Parents are under