EL SEGUNDO, CA, November 4, 2019 – ChildLife Essentials®, the best nutritional liquid supplements for infants and children developed by Dr. Murray Clarke, announced today that ChildLife Essentials® Liquid Vitamin C is a winner of Taste for Life 2019 Immunity Essentials Awards. As Taste for Life stated germs are lurking everywhere, so turn to natural remedies.

Vitamin C, an immune support superstar, has been thoroughly researched and shown to help support the immune system through daily use. It helps reduce the impact of environmental substances all year long.

Our ChildLife Essentials Liquid Vitamin C is natural orange flavor and will have your children asking for it every day. For immune support and environmental protection, we recommend using ChildLife Essentials Liquid Vitamin C daily as a vital antioxidant.

“We are very honored to be recognized by Taste for Life 2019 Immunity Essentials Awards for our ChildLife Essentials Liquid Vitamin C,” said Karyn McCarthy, VP of Sales + Marketing at ChildLife Essentials®. “During this time of the year, it’s important to boost and support a healthy immune system for infants and children.”

Visitors are encouraged to explore the website to learn more about Nutrition for Kids® and sign up for updates at childlifenutrition.com.

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Since 2000, ChildLife Essentials® has been committed to offering the first complete line of premium liquid nutritional supplements made especially for infants and children to keep them healthy and strong. Our mission to improve, enhance and support children’s overall health has had a global reach with operations in Asia, Europe, and North America. To learn more, please visit online at childlifenutrition.com.



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