Our Mission

To Improve, Enhance and Support Your Child’s Health for Life

Doctor, father and founder of ChildLife Essentials®,
Dr. Murray Clarke, wants to ensure all kids (not just
his own) get optimal nutrition… That’s why he started ChildLife Essentials®.

Our Core Values





“Just eating healthy and drinking a lot of clean water is not enough… ChildLife Essentials® offers all of the important vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants… to give children the extra support and protection their developing minds and immune systems need.”

~ Dr. Murray Clarke

American Herbal Products Association
Council for Responsible Nutrition Member
NSF Certified Gluten Free
NSF GMP Registered
NON GMO Project Verified
Oregon Tilth
Our Commitment
ChildLife Vitamin D3

Make premium natural supplements

for long-term health

Use only top-quality, pure ingredients

meticulously chosen and sourced

Make allergy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free supplements

that taste as good as they are healthy