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Learn why parents love ChildLife Essentials®

Siobhán A

“ChildLife Essentials makes it so easy for my boys to take their vitamins anywhere! Archer LOVES their one-of-a-kind chewable SoftMelt gummies. We truly love these yummy vitamins!”

~ Siobhán A
Kelly N.

“We have loved ChildLife Essentials for a couple years now. They have so many amazing products but our FAVORITE is their SoftMelts™ - they’re naturally sweetened and the girls looove them!🍊 They’ll remind me to give them to them too if I forget, they’re so good! Zero struggle trying to get them to take their vitamins which is amazing for us. 🙌🏼”

~ Kelly N.
Ashlee Y.

“We love how easy they fit into our busy lifestyles so when we are on the go I know my babes are getting in a vitamin packed with everything they need.”

~ Ashlee Y.
Tierney M.

“You know you’ve found some good vitamins when your kids fight over them daily 😆 We started using ChildLife Essentials Multi Vitamin SoftMelts recently and all my kids LOVE them!”

~ Tierney M.
Lauren E.

“We started adding ChildLife Essentials Aller Care to the girls regimen as a immune boosting supplement as well as their Liquid Calcium to support bone growth and development! and so far we have been loving them! ”

~ Lauren E.
Madina K.

“Supplementing my kids’ diet with ChildLife Essentials is what gives me such a relief and confidence in meeting their nutritional needs. Besides, these chewable tablets are so delicious - they see them as a treat!”

~ Madina K.
Amy J.

“My kids LOVE their pediatrician-developed Softmelts - they are the only vitamins I don’t have to argue with them to eat!!”

~ Amy J.