Just because you may have to do Halloween at home this year doesn’t mean it’s canceled! We checked in with our favorite stylist, Kathleen Wogoman, to get her tips and tricks for putting together Halloween costumes at home – to make it the happiest Halloween possible. 

Coming up with unique costume ideas is part of the fun of dressing up for Halloween. Now is the perfect time to utilize items you already own to create the perfect costume! I’ve put together effortless costume ideas that will take minimal work and are most importantly cost-effective. Most kids say that Halloween is one of their favorite holidays because they love to dress up in creative ways and showcase the things they love the most. Halloween will look slightly different from the previous years, but our kids can still celebrate in style!

Construction Worker

1. Construction Worker

Grab yourself a pair of blue jeans and an old flannel shirt, and you transform your little guy or gal into a construction worker or woodworker. If the shirt is old, you can cut off the sleeves and layer it over a thermal tee (or just wear it as is). Add accessories like work boots, a tool belt, and a hard hat to spice it up. Most likely, you have some play shop toys lying around that you can add as props. Let your child get creative and add a little dirt or face paint to really get into character! The mustache was a big hit!

2. ZOOM teacher/student

Clearly, this is something we can all easily execute with items we have at home and items we use daily. As a mom of a 1st grader, I can say that watching my child attend school on ZOOM is the most frightening thing I’ve seen in years! Very SPOOKY! This is a great way to allow your school grade child to create their own look and play up the whole “school” look.

Zoom Teacher Student

3. Surfer girl or boy

Like most of us, the beach was our saving grace during the summer. It’s a place to let children run free and let out all that built up energy. My daughter and her friends all learned how to surf this summer and have fallen in love with the sport. It was our favorite past time and something she talks about daily. If your son or daughter recently learned to surf, use what you have to create a radical dude or dudette. Swimsuit, wetsuit, surfboard, colorful sunscreen, and flip flops!

Minnie Mouse

4. Minnie Mouse

Most young girls have a closet full of Disney princess costumes or dresses. I personally like to create my own since most of those dresses are made out of itchy material and can cost up to $50! Minnie Mouse is still very loved in our house, and you can easily use items in the closet to make it happen. If you don’t own ears, they can be ordered on Amazon to keep the cost down. Add a little makeup to seal the deal, and you’ve got one happy little mouse!

5. Mummy

You might want to triple-check your toilet paper stash before attempting this beloved costume, but wrapping my child up was oddly satisfying. Any type of white pajamas or leggings and a shirt are the only items you will need. After that, just wrap them up in toilet paper and make ties wherever you can. Add face paint around the eyes and face to up the spook factor!


 6. Crayon

For all the new Quarantine babies, this one is for you! Simply pick a color and print out a crayon sign from Pinterest. Tape it on the front of a onesie, and you’ve got yourself a little Crayola crayon. Not much is needed with this, and you can add a top hat if you want to purchase something extra to really get the point across.

Many of these items can be altered to fit your child’s gender or age. Bottom line kids love to dress up just about any day of the week, have fun and let their creative juices flow!